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The Kaleidoscope Orchestra

Rehearsal Info


Kaleidoscope rehearses on the third Thursday of every month from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. Upcoming 2015 dates are:

  • Oct. 15

  • Nov. 19

  • None in December.


2016 Dates:

  • January 21 (in the Social Hall)

  • February 18

  • (Feb. 21 -- 2:30 p.m. concert for Millian Church in Social Hall)

  • (Mar. 13 -- 2:30 p.m.concert at Greenspring Village, Springfield, VA)

  • April 14

  • May 19

  • June 16

  • July 21

  • August 18

  • September 15

  • October 20

  • November 17

  • None in December.

    We rehearse in the downstairs Social Hall at:

    Millian Memorial United Methodist Church

    13016 Parkland Drive

    Rockville, MD  20853


    It is just five miles outside 495 at the Connecticut Avenue exit.  Here are driving directions:

    From 495, take exit 33, Connecticut Avenue, north towards Kensington.

    Go 1.5 miles.


    Veer LEFT at a traffic light to follow Connecticut. 

    (Going straight would put you on University Boulevard.)

    Go 1.2 miles.


    Turn LEFT on Viers Mill Road (big intersection, traffic light,

    left turn lane). 

    Go 1.15 miles.


    Turn RIGHT on Parkland from a right turn only lane

    at light at the top of a hill. 

    Go 0.7 miles.


    Millian Church is on the left, just after Grenoble Street. 

    It is an A-frame, grey stone fronted building.


    There is street parking along Parkland and also along Grenoble Street and Hallet Street on either side of the church.  We may park in the big parking lot across Parkland from the church.  Do not park in the church's handicapped parking lot off Hallet Street.  


    To get to the Social Hall,  as you approach the church on Parkland, turn left on the street before the church, which is Grenoble Street. There should be parking spaces there, but if not, there will be some on Parkland, and remember that the big parking lot across Parkland from the church belongs to the church and it's OK to park there. This is the opposite end of the church from the one we normally rehearse at. There is a black-topped driveway which runs behind the church parallel to Parkland, but is fenced off from traffic. Walk behind the church from Grenoble Street and you will see on the right a tiny cement plaza-like area with a ramp and steps leading up to double glass doors in the back of the building. Get on the elevator directly ahead of you. This is a foyer and the elevator is the only thing there. Press "B" and go down one floor to where we rehearse. IMPORTANT: If the elevator doors are closing and you want to stop them, use the door open button. Do not stop the door with your hand or arm. This is a handicapped-minded elevator which will assume, if the doors meet resistance, that someone has fallen down or something and will shut its doors and cease operating. It did this once with half the Kaleidoscope book inside it--before rehearsal! I had to call our church sponsor who called a Trustee and they came and rescued it. Also, when you get on and press "B" you may find the doors close, open again, and close again. It's just like that. You may choose to press "B" again. I don't complain about this elevator because it sure beats carrying all the gear down those outside steps in the dark!


    PLEASE BRING A MUSIC STAND! You will also want to BRING A STAND LIGHT since the light is dim in the Chapel Room.  I will have extension cords and strips.