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The Kaleidoscope Orchestra


The Kaleidoscope Orchestra at Millian United Methodist Church, February 8, 2009.


Sunday, March 17th  The Kaleidoscope Orchestra will perform a free one-hour concert at 2:30 in the downstairs Social Hall at Millian United Methodist Church, 13016 Parkland Drive, Rockville, MD  20853.  Call (301) 946-2500 for directions.  The entrance to the Social Hall is in back of the church, through the double glass doors at the little plaza and down the elevator one floor.

The Kaleidoscope Orchestra big band was founded in 1979 and played concerts and dance gigs in Virginia in the 1980's, eventually becoming the house dance band at Bolling AFB Officers' Club in the early 90's.  
The Kaleidoscope Orchestra of the 21st century is actively playing dance gigs and concerts, represented by several area music agencies.
We rehearse monthly south of Rockville, Maryland.  At rehearsals we work on challenging concert charts with an eye towards honing our ensemble skills and playing good big band jazz.
Ann Marlowe, the Kaleidoscope Orchestra's bass player, is our leader and manager.  She fronts the band at dances and concerts, is the client contact person, and handles business and personnel matters.
Please browse this site:  See what gigs the Kaleidoscope Orchestra has been playing, listen to some recordings, check out our tune list, and read about the band.  Contact us if you're looking for a big band.  We are professional and responsive to clients.